Kids on Campus is a summer entertainment program for students who are interested in improving their math, science, technology, or visual arts skills through exciting, hands-on learning activities.

Grades 4-5 Registration Form 2024

Kids on Campus
Ohio Christian University
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Grades 4-5 Science
10 Remaining

As students create and carry out numerous experiments, they will bring physical, earth and space, and life science alive. Students will investigate habitats and the differences between renewable and nonrenewable energy sources. Hands-on activities will make the complex world of science more relevant and intriguing.

Grades 4-5 Visual Arts
9 Remaining

Introduce your children to the world of ART. Summer campers will explore creative art projects in painting, collage, oil pastels, mixed media and more. All activities offer a unique opportunity for students to express themselves, explore different media, color theory and experiment with different techniques. This unique learning experience places emphasis on having fun while exploring creativity!

Grades 4-5 Technology
11 Remaining

Students are going to discover how to solve problems, work as a team, and innovate. Students explore STEM jobs through a project-based learning process that challenges and engages students' innate curiosity and imagination. Groups will experiment with modeling, engineering building, mechanical and computer control systems, as well as energy and the environment.

Grades 4-5 Math
13 Remaining

Students will explore numbers, place value, measurement, geometry, and reasoning in unique and exciting ways. Each day will be an adventure filled with games, activities and hands-on learning..